Tyler Merrill – Data Specialist

Tyler joined the JailTracker team in the Summer of 2018 and has been a data specialist since. Before that, he attended tech school to learn web development and .NET programming, which translated well to a data role. During this time, he entered a web design competition and won at a national level. Tyler does his best to be friendly and easy to work with, and will go the extra mile to accommodate his team members.

Sean Wilkerson- Director, Support Services

Sean has been with JailTracker since 2001 holding job roles such as project manager, product delivery manager, and support tech until the Harris acquisition in 2015 when he was moved to the position of Director, Support Services. Sean is also a graduate of Western Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Science Degree.

Michelle Rigney- Support Specialist

Michelle Rigney has provided QA support for the JailTracker product for almost two decades. As a Support Specialist she works closely with the development team to ensure that quality standards are followed. In addition she works with the Finance team in the capacity of Accounts Receivable support. Michelle received an AA in Equine Office Administration at Midway College