Situational Awareness- How face recognition is improving staff and inmate safety


New technology solutions have made their way into the public safety communication systems in the past decade. With the rise in technology infrastructure and need for safer communities, agencies require a reliable system to ensure both staff and inmate security.

JailTracker’s biometric facial recognition feature will allow jail personnel to search for and positively identify and verify offenders through facial and iris scanning. This information can be accessed by outside agencies and will send automated alerts when a person of interest entered into the system.

All facial recognition records can be accessed in real time with an internet connection from each assigned station.

Time Saving

JailTracker’s facial recognition software allows agencies a means of tracking offenders while reducing the chance of false identification, duplications, and human error. By positively identifying offenders, personnel no longer have to deal with the difficulty of fingerprint scanners and can save time by streamlining the booking and release processes with efficiency and accuracy.


The software accurately reports all the aspects of an offender’s identification: name, birthdate, address, photograph, and aliases. This automated process is accurate and can match thousands of offenders in real-time without having to sift through paperwork or digital databases.

Easy-to-Use Search

There are several search options available with JailTracker’s facial recognition software. With our search feature, jail personnel can either search by importing the image from the offender’s identification document or by capturing a new image with the mugshot camera technology.

This mugshot camera feature allows jail personnel the option to capture a live image and add the images within the offender’s record. When marked, the new image will become the default image and will automatically registered the record for use in the search validation database.

JailTracker’s facial recognition feature will increase the efficiency of your operations by cutting your facility’s booking time in half and by automating manually intensive tasks. And the best part of all is that it’s 100% secure, incredibly user-friendly.

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