Increase Jail Efficiency with JailTracker’s Automation Feature


Every agency wants a fully integrated industry-leading jail management solution that will improve efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness. From quickly booking inmates to managing commissary inventory, JailTracker’s jail automation feature will help meet all of your jail management needs with an intuitive, all-in-one corrections platform.

Full Integration

JailTracker provides facilities the ability to interface with many 3rd party systems commonly used by jails. All corrections records can be accessed in real time on any device with an internet connection, and can be configured to support each facility’s processes.

With JailTracker, jail personnel have access to each inmate’s complete history, and works in integration with the agency’s records management system (RMS). This data is vital to not only jail personnel, but also sheriff’s offices and police departments, making full integration between systems invaluable.

Ease of Use

JailTracker is easy to integrate with and we maintain current interfaces with most providers. The screens are customizable and include pull down field menus to ensure consistent field selections. When the system detects that the inmate has information in the system from a previous incarceration, it will prepopulate relevant fields providing secure data at your fingertips. The easy to use layout standardizes and streamlines the booking process for all users and ensures the entry of complete and accurate information.

Staff & Inmate Safety

Our jail management system includes highly effective tools like the Virtual Jacket made to prevent your employees of getting caught unaware by an inmate with a violent history. It provides all authorized employees with immediate access to every inmate’s history; no matter where they have been housed. Single-click rebooking and barcode scanning increases efficiency. A virtual grease board and built-in email system improve internal communication.

Automatic Alerts

JailTracker’s jail automation alert function allows you to stay on top of every crucial aspect of your facility. Our system provides you with a comprehensive notification system that will keep you aware of everything you need to know about your day-to-day operations. These include notifications for:

Our system is extremely versatile and can send you these crucial notifications through tablet alerts, email alerts, or text alerts.

Document Imaging

JailTracker’s document Imaging module provides the ability to scan and store digital documents within the database. These documents can house information on offenders, medical records, facilities, officers and reported incidents. Scanning improves staff productivity by centralizing all documents. JailTracker’s document imaging also quickly generates lineups, eliminating the need to print and manually assemble photographs. This saves your facility both time and money.

JailTracker will increase the efficiency of your operations by sharing data between a multitude of systems and by automating manually intensive tasks. And the best part of all is that it’s 100% secure, incredibly easy, and efficient to access.

To learn more about JailTracker’s jail management solutions, contact us at or Call us at 270-659-0241.

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