How JailTracker's Information Management System Can Improve Jail Efficiency


Information management is at the center of all jail operations. For every inmate, there are tons of data from multiple systems that must be accurate and accessible when it matters most.

Does your correctional facility have handwritten notes and documents waiting for entry piled up? Does the dashboard data contain outdated information or duplicate records? The ability to share timely, accurate information with inmates, staff, citizens, and government stakeholders is essential for a correctional facility to save money by operating more efficiently.

When it comes to managing operations, it’s important to understand your entire facility both on a micro and macro level. JailTracker’s jail management system allows you and your team to record inmate, facility, and financial information in an easily accessible and secure digital space.

Detainee Records

Detainee records are at the core of how you manage your facility. If this information is not accurate or organized correctly, it can lead to costly communication issues that damage reputation.

JailTracker allows all corrections records to be accessed in real time on any device with an internet connection, and can be configured to support facility processes, making it more efficient and effective.

Our system uses both current and historical information to prepopulate screens giving jail personnel the most efficient and streamlined user experience available. Why is this information so important for you and your facility? Detainee record information can be used to trigger alerts and notifications for items such as past suicide attempts or gang affiliations, which helps your staff as well as your detainees stay safe.


Instead of spending extra time drafting long written reports, the most efficient way to share information within your agency, is by sending visual charts and dashboards that allow others to quickly understand important data.

JailTracker’s system can provide you with hundreds of reports that can be accessed at any time by those who need to know. With our centralized data storage feature, all of your facility’s authorized users can access information for querying as a report, by ad-hoc inquiries, and by user designed reports.

Plus, our system dashboard provides a quick graphical summary of key facility data. The report contains vital information that can be used in the event of an emergency without having to download an entire file.

Internal Email

Certain detainee records can be very sensitive and it’s important that they don’t fall into the wrong hands. Relying on email systems that are connected to the world wide web leave your internal records vulnerable to a host of cyber offenders and online pirates.

JailTracker provides all of its customers with a secure email system that can operate completely independent from other email systems. Our email system allows your personnel to communicate internally, keeping your correspondence isolated from the internet, making our system not only more secure than public email, but also much faster.

JailTracker’s internal email system is also integrated with user dashboards, so your staff will be notified immediately when an email arrives.

Every correctional facility can benefit from a unique jail management solution that will help make sure your facility is running at its maximum optimization. Contact us for a demo today at or Call us at 270-659-0241.

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