Cut Your Inmate Booking Time in Half with JailTracker's Jail Automation System


With many correctional facilities understaffed, intake is worsened with inefficient processes and outdated systems. As a result, jail personnel spend a large amount of unnecessary time handling booking procedures, ultimately creating a bottleneck in operations and loss of funds.

In the past, many software solutions have claimed to cut time in half, but often miss out on a few key features that are integral to the booking process. JailTracker’s booking feature will help meet all of your facility’s jail management needs with intuitive, automated functionality, eliminating redundant manual steps for faster reporting and better situational awareness.

Integrated System

When implementing any new software into your facility, a smooth integration with existing systems is crucial. JailTracker’s automated booking feature allows real time access to all corrections records on any device with an internet connection, and can be configured to support each facilities’ processes, making it more efficient and effective.

With JailTracker, you’re able to integrate with your existing management systems including email and dashboards to speed up your booking process without wasting precious time.

External History

Proper correctional booking procedures ensures security from intake to housing creating easy tracking of your inmates through release. Accurate entry of arrest history and past records are critical to ensuring the safety of staff and inmates.

When looking for a new software to manage your booking process, it’s imperative that you use a tool that works together with external systems to pull in criminal history without wasting time using separate lookup searches and incomplete information.

JailTracker’s jail management system will detect that the inmate has information in the system from a previous incarceration and prepopulate relevant fields providing secure data at your fingertips. Critical data is stored in a secure and centralized database where, through role-based access, jail personnel can quickly and easily retrieve and share information in real time.

Ease of Use

An important feature to any booking automation solution is jail personnel's adaptability to the new software. With JailTracker, the dashboard and selection screens are customizable to suit your agency’s needs and include pull down field menus to assure consistent field selections.

Finding a software that has an easily understandable layout allows jail personnel to standardize and streamline the booking process for all users, ensuring the entry of complete and accurate information.

Operational Efficiency

When searching for the right software solution for your facility, a tool that integrates well with the other systems you already use is essential to improving facility efficiency and accuracy in data. JailTracker’s automated booking can pull in third-party data from outside records, and is easy to use and maintain.

JailTracker delivers truly integrated jail management software — all with bidirectional data flowing to and from correctional facilities. Contact us for more information at or Call us at 270-659-0241.

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