4 Tech Trends in Public Safety Communications


With the rise in technology infrastructure, public safety communications have become an extremely integral piece in ensuring safer communities. While law enforcers use the latest technology to protect neighborhoods, high technology designed to commit more sophisticated crimes become more prevalent. Thus, public safety communications require a robust and reliable suite of solutions to ensure efficiency and effectiveness for public safety agencies.

With fast paced technologies at our disposal, we begin to see some new trends in public safety communications this year.

  1. AI and Automation

    These two cutting edge solutions have transformed the way we live and work. The implications of automation and AI have had a tremendous impact on service delivery in the public safety communication sector. The combination of these two trends provides service providers the ability to upgrade their existing software suites and equip their database networks with more autonomy.

    For example, a fully integrated CAD system can inform field personnel about the status and locations of other responding units win real-time without relying on radio wave lines. This results in more secure and reliable network connections for public safety software producing data processed at real-time speeds.

  2. Crowdsourcing Security and Citizen Engagement

    Connectivity is at the center of most technology innovations. However, it is not limited solely to connecting devices to networks - it extends to how we all connect to each other.

    Enter crowdsourcing - the process of reaching out to the public, retrieving and sharing information to meet a certain goal. In the public safety communication sector, this can serve as a vital information tool. A lot of service providers are now utilizing technology and its social capabilities to empower the public to crowdsource data and information, with the option of anonymity and encryption innovations.

    Everyday citizens in the community play a key part of public safety, and with the advanced tech trends in crowdsourcing, online channels (social media, forums, blogs,etc.) aid in ensuring public safety communications streamline effectively. The more data and information can be shared through cyberspace, the more empowered and vigilant the public is to combat threats in their communities.

  3. Big Data Analytics

    Big Data Analytics are now being utilized more than ever. The increase of these capabilities has grown rapidly over the past year and equips service providers with massive actionable insights to improve existing product suites.

    A reliable records management system that automatically saves law enforcement related data and provides ready access to all authorized field and station personnel across agencies can help streamline processes and house data to improve programming. Configurable systems that aid agencies in wading through the vast amounts of analytics can also help them investigate crime, detect threats and more effectively deploy technological resources.

  4. Cyber Security

    The threats to public safety software are complex and continue to evolve with time and cyber crime is more powerful and savvy than ever. In order to combat this, public safety technology providers must provide solutions by creating AI-powered behavioral prediction software and autonomous alert systems to keep public safety communications networks safe from threats. In addition, the dawn of IoT and 5G wireless communications provide advanced and enhanced security measures for the public safety communications sector.

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